Teachers, Specialists and Support Staff

Ms Emma Binding

Head Teacher

Ms. Emma Binding

Ms Maria Surtee

Ms. M. Surtee

Class Teacher – Early Learners


Ms. D. Benbow

Class Teacher : Nursery East

Ms .Lauren Olsen

Ms. Lauren Olsen

Class Teacher : Nursery West

Ms Mphatso Sapulani

Ms. M. Sapulani

Class Teacher : Reception West

Ms Nafeesa Sidi

Ms. N. Sidi

Class Teacher : Reception East

Ms. Muneerah Bhana

Ms. M. Bhana

Class Teacher : 1 West

Ms Karen Songolo

Ms. K. Songolo

Class Teacher : 1 North

Ms Paullina Chilupsa

Ms. P. Chilupsa

Class Teacher : 1 East

Ms Aretha Mbejere

Ms. A. Mbejere

Class Teacher : 2 West

Ms Queen Maulidi

Ms. Q Maulidi

Class Teacher : 2 East

Ms Chikondi Mvula

Ms. C. Mvula

Class Teacher : 2 North

Mr Paul Hunt

Mr. P. Hunt

Class Teacher : 3 West

Ms Juliet Kalampa

Ms. J. Kalampa

Class Teacher : 3 East

Ms Audrey Kaime

Ms. A. Kaime

Class Teacher : 3  North

Mr Tobias Macheso

Mr. T. Macheso

Class Teacher : 4 East

Ms Vanessa Nathu

Ms. V. Nathu

Class Teacher : 4 North

Ms Jessie Milanzie

Ms. J. milanzi

Class Teacher : 4 West

Mr Mestain Black

Mr. M. Black

Class Teacher : 5 East

Mr Stazio Chinkanda

Mr. S. Chinkanda

Class Teacher : 5 West

Mr Timothy Makondetsa

Mr T. Makondetsa

Class Teacher  : 5 North


Mr. F. Chitsa

Class Teacher : 6 East

Ms Chikondi Salimu

Ms. C. Salimu

Class Teacher : 6 North

Mr Brighton Manthalu

Mr. B. Manthalu

Class Teacher : 6 West


Teaching Assistants

Ms Mirriam Chilewani

Ms. M. Chilewani

Teaching Assistant : Early Learners

Ms Humayra Limbada

Ms. H. Limbada

Teaching Assistant : Early Learners

Ms Esther Mwalilino

Ms. E. Mwalilino

Teaching Assistant : Early Learners


Ms. M. Mang'anda

Teaching Assistant : Early Learners

Ms Rasheeda Shaba

Ms. R. Shaba

Teaching Assistant : Nursery West

Mr Martin Kajosolo

Mr. M. Kajosolo

Teaching Assistant : Nursery West

Ms Maria Chembe

Ms. M. Chembe

Teaching Assistant : Nursery East


Ms T. Banda

Teaching Assistant : Nursery East


Ms. T. Suleman

Teaching Assistant : Nursery East

Ms Gloria Chimphonda

Ms. G. Chimphonda

Teaching Assistant : Nursery East

Ms Annie Amos

Ms. A. Amos

Teaching Assistant : Reception East 

Ms Josophine Nkhoma

Ms. J. Msyali

Teaching Assistant : Reception West

Ms Thoko Msukwa

Ms. T. Msukwa

Teacher Assistant : 1 West

Ms Fydass Msyali

Ms. F. Msyali

Teaching Assistant : 1 North

Ms Alice Williams

Ms. A. Williams

Teaching Assistant : 2 West

Ms Melodie Phiri

Ms. M. Phiri

Teaching Assistant : 2 East

Ms Diana Kalumo

Ms. D. Kalumo

Teaching Assistant : 2 North

Ms Ellen Duncan

Ms. E. Duncan

Teaching Assistant : 3 North

Ms Tapona Bakili

Ms. T. Bakili

Teaching Assistant : 3 West

Ms Mercy Mdokota

Ms. M. Mdokota

Teaching Assistant : 3 East

Ms Jamilla Ntelela

Ms. J. Mtelera

Teaching Assistant : Year 4

Ms Wakissa Mwanyongo

Ms. W. Mwanyongo

Teaching Assistant : Year 5

Ms Margaret Phiri

Ms. M. Phiri

Teaching Assistant : Year 6

Specialist Teachers

Mr Wisdom Sauka

Mr Sauka

Music Teacher

Ms Ruth Kayange

Ms. R. Kayange

P E Teacher

Mr Jackson Buhendwa

Mr Buhendwa

P E & French Teacher

Ms Cynthia Khupe

Ms. C. Khupe

PE Teacher

Ms Chifundo Mbirima

Ms. C. Mbirima

I C T Teacher

Ms Chigo Khonje

Ms. C. Khonje

Science Teacher

Ms Chisomo Chipembere

Ms. C. Chipembere

Special Education Needs

Mr Wilson Shaba

Mr. W. Shaba

Special Education Needs

Support Staff


Mr. L. Chingoli

IT Specialist and Social Media Manager

Ms. C. Wawanya


Ms. M. Silungwe